California's Water

California's Water“California’s Water” is a multi-part series for public television produced by Huell Howser and underwritten by members of the Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA). The series explores California’s water resources and the complex system of natural and man-made features that has allowed growing communities, productive farms, industry and ecosystems to co-exist in a state that receives little or no rain for months at a time.


The following dvds are featured on Pacifica Channel 26 and are also available for rent through the District. If you are interested in renting a DVD, please contact us at


Climate Change
The Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta
Flood Fight of 2006
Storing Water
What's New on the Colorado River
Using Water Wisely
We All Live in a Watershed
Desalting Ocean Water
Sacramento Valley: Working Together Pays Off
California's Water System
Water Recycling Imitates Nature
Protecting Against Floods
Regional Solutions for Local Needs
Cleaning Water the Natural Way
Beyond Drought: Factors Affecting California's Water Supply
Water Efficient Gardens in Full Bloom
Farm Water: Growing More with Every Drop
Groundwater Banking: California's Water Savings Account
Water: The Drink of Choice
Moving Water and Meeting Needs (Water Transfers)
Living With Nature (Endangered Species)