How to Read Your Bill

Route and Service:
These numbers identify the service address on the District's map.

Customer Number:

This number and letter combination identifes the customer for billing purposes.

Consumption History:

Provides the customer's past water usage for comparison and reference.

Water Service From: ... To:

The date of the last meter reading to the date of the current meter reading.

Reading From: ... To:

The reading in the "From" category is subtracted from the "To" category to equal the customer's current reading.


A CCF is one-hundred cubic feet. (One cubic foot is equal to 7.48 gallons) One-hundred cubic feet is equal to 748 gallons.



Since a gallon is a more familiar term when it comes to measuring volume, we also list water usage in this amount on your bill.

Current Charges:

Charges due as a result of water usage during this billing cycle.

Past Due Amount:

Charges due as a result of usage or miscellaneous charges from billing cycles previous to this statement.

Total Amount Due:

The total amount due is the amount currently due on the account.