I-280 Tunnel Piping Replacement Project

The District’s only transmission main that supplies all water to the 40,000 residents of Pacifica shares an Interstate 280 undercrossing tunnel with the CCSF (City and County of San Francisco) San Bruno Jail Facility Line. The jail line is severely corroded and is in desperate need of replacement. What compounds the problem is that the jail has no existing permanent inter-tie/alternate feed for the jail in case of an emergency. The District's line is in marginally better condition but is also both fragile and in critical need of replacement. Limited funding has been made available by CCSF to replace the jail line during this fiscal year. Under normal circumstances the ends of the tunnel are sealed with only ingress and egress to the tunnel through a personnel access hole. Since the tunnel ends must be opened to replace either line, it makes sense for both agencies to replace their lines at the same time. 


Please check back for more details.