Water Education Training (W.E.T.)

wetOn Saturday, October 21, 2006, the North Coast County Water District welcomed ten eager NCCWD customers to the very first WaterEducation Training (W.E.T.). Board members Bob Vetter and Anne De Jarnatt joined the other participants to listen to presentations given by District staff and to take a District site tour.


Morning presentations included the District’s history, insight into District finances, and the latest in water conservation measures.  Field operations staff also explained the water distribution system, how to read the water meter, and water quality protocol and sampling.  The morning’s activities concluded with pictures and reports of recently completed, current and future projects.

After lunch, participants were driven to various NCCWD facilities.  They were shown how our water is delivered from our connection at the SFPUC water treatment plant in Millbrae via the watershed area and across the San Andreas Fault and were also given a behind the scenes look at how our water is pumped and stored throughout the system. 

The District family enjoys sharing its favorite subject  –  the NCCWD Water System.  We look forward to welcoming our new “students” and educating them in the fascinating world of water. Check back for details about the next W.E.T!