Recycled water reduces the amount of fresh water (potable water) required for non-drinking uses, ensuring that the best and purest sources of water will be reserved for the highest use - public drinking water. 

The City of Pacifica owns and operates the Calera Creek Water Recycling Plant  which produces tertiary recycled water from the City’s wastewater collection system. The District receives a portion of the total amount of tertiary recycled water produced annually from the Calera Creek Plant, under an Agreement between the City and the District. The District began receiving recycled water from the plant, and began delivering the tertiary recycled water to customers (for irrigation use), in August 2013.  The District’s recycled water customers in Pacifica include the SFPUC (Sharp Park Golf Course), Fairway Park, Oceana High School, and the Ingrid B. Lacy Middle School.

In 2015, the District also began offering recycled water, for irrigation use, to residential customers. The District established a Recycled Water Filling Station at the main office, where residents of Pacifica can obtain recycled water for irrigation use, subject to special permitting and training requirements regarding the use of recycled water. When fully implemented, the potential use of recycled water from the project will be approximately 55 million gallons per year (Kennedy/Jenks Consultants, 2012). Additional details regarding the Calera Creek Water Recycling Plant and use of recycled water in Pacifica are available under "Resources" on the District webiste and the City’s website. The District began making recycled water deliveries from the Calera Creek Plant to Sharp Park Golf Course and other irrigation applications within the District in 2013. Sharp Park Golf Course, while it is located within Pacifica, it is owned and operated by the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department. As such, recycled water from the Calera Creek Plant, that is used on Sharp Park Golf Course, is wheeled through the District’s water distribution system on behalf of the SFPUC. The District’s use of recycled water from the Calera Creek Plant, is currently used for irrigation by Fairway Park, Oceana High School, and the Ingrid B. Lacy Middle School. 


This is a marvelous accomplishment for the District and for the citizens of Pacifica.

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